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Soap releases easily from our vacuum plastic  moulds. In the event of any difficulty place moulds in your refrigerator for half an hour or so. If concerned about your mould warping with high temperature soap pours, place mould in a shallow cold water bath. Use silicone moulds for all professional soap casting We make custom moulds. Please enquire for details.

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 Silicone Mould  - R0517 - Mother Pig with Baby
Floral Heart Silicone Mould - R0514
Oval Segments Silicone Mould - RO438
Pig Figurine Silicone Mould - RO426
R0086 Soap Silicone Mould - Fish
R0097 Soap Silicone Mould - Shell
R0140 Soap Silicone Mould - Rose
R0189 Soap Silicone Mould - Basic Squares (8)
R0238 Soap Silicone Mould - Small Hearts (4)
R0250 Soap Silicone Mould - Fish
R0253 Soap Silicone Mould - Standing Shell
R0254 Soap Silicone Mould - Conch Shell
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