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How to make a Resin Jewellery Bangle Using a Silicone Mould Kit
A complete kit which provides all you need to make a white resin jewellery bangle mould and cast resin bangles.


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How to make a Resin Jewellery Bangle Using a Silicone Mould Kit

Would you like to learn how to make a mould of a jewellery item such as a bangle and reproduce hundreds of copies. Perhaps you would like to sculpt a unique original bangle design in clay and reproduce it many times in resin to sell at market or on ebay.

This kit will help you get started with everything you need to make a mould and cast white plastic copies of the original bangle.

The kit comes with complete instructions and further support is available on our forum or by email or phone.

Kit Contents:

* 500gm Craftsil (mould making silicone)

* 200ml CraftCast Resin (for casting the bangles)

* 2 mould making containers

* 4 wooden stirrers

* 1 pair disposable gloves

* 1 plastic measure

* 3 mixing cups

* Plastelina 500gm clay

* 1 jewellery bangle (to reproduce)

* Instructions

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