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Acrylic Paints BLACK (2 litre)


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Plaster painting party profits go up using this quality Splash Acrylic Paint. Designed especially for the kinder and junior classrooms it is ideal for decorating plaster. Splash is a non-toxic water based paint safe to use for all kindergarten and primary school activities. We have a starter pack of the 6 primary colours available in a kit at a very special price.

We have a special pump attachment that fits on these 2 litre bottles that enables the paint to be dispensed cleanly into plastic 10ml vials for use. 

We welcome enquiries from people wanting to establish a profitable plaster painting business of their own and will give any assistance required. We manufacture over 1,000 moulds of all types here in Australia and import from several ranges of over 4,000 to fill in the gaps. For those requiring something different, we offer a custom mould service for both plastic and silicone moulds.    

The price is very attractive in that a single container sells for $11.95 including GST

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