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FUSEWORKS Glass Fused Jewellery Microwave Kiln Kit

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Learn to fuse glass right in your microwave oven. Create stunning pendants, fashionable earrings and snazzy bracelets and more.

A great kit for all who want to learn a craft they'll enjoy for the rest of their life!
Overall Kiln measures 8cm (3 1/4") H x 11 cm (4 1/2") D with an interior fusing platform of 7cm(2-3/4 ").
This brand specifies a microwave oven with metal interior.

Note: While Fuseworks glass is a 90 COE glass, it is NOT compatible with other 90 COE glasses due to differences in melting point (full fuse at 730C) and viscosity (thickness).

Kit includes:

  • Fuseworks™ Microwave Kiln
  • Kiln paper - 2 pc.
  • Fusing glass assortment - 7 pc.
  • Fusing glass assortment - 7 pc.
  • Dichroic bits and pieces (approx 30gm)
  • Milliefiori glass 1 oz. (30gm)
  • Confetti glass 1 oz. (30gm)
  • Large & small silver and gold bails - 1 ea.
  • Glass cutter
  • Hot mitts
  • Silver & gold earring set - 1 ea.
  • Instructions
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