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Stone Stack wall cladding Poly U Mould CM 4001 400x100x25mm
Long Lasting Professional Poly U wall Cladding Mould


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Introducing our first Poly U mould. Designed to pick up extraordinary detail and give life like reproduction of natural stone.

This wall cladding stone stack mould when cast in concrete and coloured gives a reproduction that is impossible to detect from actual quarried stone.

Made from a hard wearing special polyurethane rubber compound it will, given care, last for many years of commercial casting.

Our reserves of bush stone are being sadly depleted, Poly U moulds will reproduce the natural look customers are looking for as an ecological and preferred alternative to raiding our bush reserves. Concrete is coming into its own preferred position as a strong, decorative, long lasting, low cost construction material both inside and outside the home.

You will be seing more Poly U moulds as we explore the many uses we can visualise for use by architects and home builders.

The cladding produced from this moulds measures 100mm x 400mm x 25mm
Creates two.

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