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Flexible Silicone Guest Soap Mould SM2000


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Silicone Guest Soap 

A beautiful new series of silicone soap moulds are about to be released. Featuring fine detailed designs, they are the start of a new era in custom soap making.

Up to date soap makers have been restricted to unattractive bar shape soaps or limited design reproduction flexibility with vacuum formed plastic moulds. With silicone any design is possible.

The relatively high cost of silicone has held the use of this material back for years.  However with new CNC machines and several manufacturing improvements we have been able to market these moulds at a very low cost.

The size is 7.5x5.2cm and 2cm deep

This opens the marketing of soap up to promotional uses for the reproduction of business logos, easy identification of the soaps with natural products such as lavender soaps bearing a lavender motif and so on. Two colour double pouring with the  flower or emblem in one colour and the base soap in another takes custom soaps into a new dimension from the supermarket variety.

Someone is going to make a lot of money making these soaps, why shouldn’t it be you!

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