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Yin/Yang 4's Silicone Mould - HO013


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One of our new Flexible Silicone Moulds which features a design of the Yin and Yang moulds which casts approximately four 70gm soaps (or resin castings).

These silicone moulds can be used for a wide range of projects including Soap Making and Candle Making. and can be used to
cast a variety of materials such as soap, wax, resin, plasters, clays etc.

Our range of Flexible Silicone Moulds are all handmade, and are made with a strong, yet soft durometer silicone, that permits easy
and safe removal of the finished casted piece from the mould without deformation. They have a working temperatures of between
40?C and 200?C

With care you can expect your silicone to give you hundreds of castings (and with many non abrasive materials, this can even run
into the thousands).

No release agent is required. Perfect for Soap or Resin Casting.

Purchase one today to get your project started!

** NOTE: The colour of the silicone mould may vary but has no effect on the finished casting. **

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