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Pyramid Moulds Orgone Cheop Base 60 mm x Height 38 mm
Cheop Pyramids, Golden Ratio Geometry, Self Lubricating Polyethylene


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Base 60 mm, Height 38 mm,  Angle 52 degrees, Fill volume 46 mls

This listing is for a Pyramid Mould that all have Golden section of Giza Pyramid, and have been made out of 5 a polyethylene 500 (HDPE) self-lubricating plastic, no releasing lubricants needed!

When you casting has cured, we recommend un-taping the mold and removing the casting this way, in order to avoid any possible damages to the edges of your casting.
When you remove your casting you can clean the mold with soft wipe soaked with acetone,it will nort effect your mold in any way, but will clean your mold ready for your next casting.
For best results, we recommend:

Use small amount of resin and perform pre-glazing your mold before you star casting your actual design. Mix small amount of resin and pour it into your mold, start tilting your mold in a way that allows you to cover with resin all internal walls, we recommend doing this procedure 2-3 times for best results.
This pre-glazing technique is well known to produce very nice and smooth casting walls, giving your work much more appealing to the aye pyramid

If you like to take it one step further then you can light sand your casting with sandpaper water grades 2000, 2500, 3000, then you finish your casting on sponge polishing pad mounted on drill or motor (ideally car polishing machine) with some car polishing compound you will be able to get very much mirror like finish.

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