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FLEXICAST 20 7.5kg

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SPECIAL ORDER - Requires 5 - 7 Days notice to get in stock.

Flexicast 20 is a two part polyurethane elastomer that cures at room temperature to a flexible, high strength mould rubber. Moulds made from Flexicast 20 are durable and require little to no release when casting plasters and waxes.

When used with the appropriate release system, Flexicast 20 moulds are excellent for casting FMG, concrete, polyurethane, polyester and epoxy. The final parts or moulds made from Flexicast 20 will be tough and long wearing, making them ideal for long term moulding requirements.

Flexicast 20 can be processed without the aid of vacuum degassing, allowing for larger mould pours and a wider variety of mouldmaking conditions. Flexicast 20 will provide excellent chemical resistance to most casting systems while maintaining a high standard of physical properties.

Recommended for: Moulds, Rollers, Bumpers, Mounts, Props
Potlife & Demould: Work time - 20 mins / Demould time - 24 hrs
Hardness & Type: Shore A20 +/-2 Polyurethane Elastomer, 800cps

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