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Amazing Clear Epoxy BUNDLE DEAL
Bundle the Amazing Clear Epoxy 3.78 Litre kit with Amazing Sealer and 10g Duo Aqua Blue Mica Powder and save!!

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Bundle the Amazing Clear Epoxy 3.78 Litre kit with Amazing Srealer and 10g Duo Aqua Blue Mica Powder and save!!

Normally this bundle would cost $253
We have slashed the price to only $210

Amazing Clear Cast is a casting and coating clear epoxy resin that cures
to a solid, strong and clear finish. Casting resin clearly the winner!
Amazing Clear Cast is compliant with FDA 21 CFR 175.300 as a limited
food safe resin. It can be coloured with resin dyes, mica, alcohol inks, or
other non-water based colorants

Amazing Sealer is applied white, but turns clear as it dries.
Use as a glue - Apply a thin layer to adhere various types of media such
as crafting paper, card stock, fabrics, scrapbooking supplies, and more.
Use as a general-purpose sealant - Adding a top coat to art projects,
crafts, and photos will help to lock in colours and provide a finished
look to your project.

Use prior to epoxy - This is especially important when adding a top
coat of epoxy, which helps to eliminate bubbles leaching out from the
undersides of photos or embedment’s. It also provides a barrier
between the artwork and epoxy to ensure the original artwork is not
affected by the epoxy resin. Ensure Amazing Sealer is fully dried prior
to application of epoxy.

Use as a wood sealant - Wood and other porous materials such as cloth,
stone, and tile can cause a continual production of air bubbles to rise
out of the porosity and get trapped in curing epoxy, resulting in many
champagne-sized air bubbles. Applying 2 thin coats of Amazing Sealer
will help to minimize this occurrence and produce a more optically
clear epoxy coating.

Use to decoupage - Amazing Sealer can be used in all facets of
assembling and sealing your prized decoupage project into one
beautiful piece, perfectly sealed!
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