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Epoxy Polish & Mold Release Bundle Kit
Get 20% off Alumilite Epoxy Polish 237 ml and Mold Release & Conditioner with this bundle kit.

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Epoxy Polish & Mold Release

Normally valued at $79.50
Get this Bundle for only $63.60

Alumilite Epoxy Polish 237 mls / 8 fl oz
Alumilite Epoxy Polish is an ultra-fine polishing compound,
compatible for use with Alumilite epoxies and urethanes. This
product is suitable for coarse, as well as fine polishing and sealing.
Infused with carnauba wax, Alumilite Epoxy Polish will leave a
long-lasting shine on all of your resin surfaces.

Mold Release + Conditioner Spray 118ml mls
A mould release to aid in release of resin in most types of
moulds. Also conditions the mould to prolong its usage. Spray
a coat into mould cavity and allow to dry before resin casting.
Suitable to use with all our plastic jewellery moulds, Latex and
Silicone Moulds.
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