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Choosing the correct release agents and sealers can sometimes be confusing, so we have made up a list of the most common release agents and sealers and their requirements.

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Alumilite Rubber to Rubber Mold Release 10oz

Rubber Mold Release to prevent silicone rubber to stick to itself.

SalEase 1kg (COURIER ONLY)

Use in conjuction with PolyU Rubbers (COURIER ONLY)

SalEase 2kg (COURIER ONLY)

For use with CraftMold Polyurethane Rubbers (COURIER ONLY)

Dry Air Blanket Aerosol 200gm (COURIER ONLY)

Wax release Agent - COURIER ITEM ONLY

J-Wax Aerosol Spray Can 400ml (COURIER ONLY)

Wax release Agent - COURIER ITEM ONLY

Mold Release + Conditioner Spray (4 Fl. oz.) 118ml

Mould release suitable for jewellery moulds

Resin Spray Aerosol Can 149gm (5.25 oz.)

High Gloss Spray - COURIER ITEM ONLY

Stoner Rapid Release Aerosol Can 12oz.(341gm)

Silicone Mould Release - COURIER ITEM ONLY

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