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Americana Acrylic Paint - 59ml -

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Americana Acrylics are the number one selling premium, all-purpose, matte finish acrylic paints available at a budget friendly price. These acrylic paints deliver superior coverage with a permanent, durable finish. Ideal for professional artists, crafters, and students.

Americana Acrylic paint is water-based, non-toxic and can be varnished to create various sheens. This acrylic paint can be used on almost any surface.

No wonder Americana Acrylic paint is the brand of choice of more painting teachers and published artists than any other brand. Its versatility is unmatched; it can be used by the most talented artist on canvas or by a beginner for the simplest craft projects.

Painting Surfaces:

  • Wood
  • Canvas
  • Plaster
  • Resins
  • Papier mache
  • Candles
  • Walls
  • Fabric
  • Leather
  • Styrofoam
  • Ceramic bisque
  • Polymer clay
  • Watercolor paper
  • Posterboard
  • Metal


Features and Advantages:
  • Bright pigments
  • Excellent coverage in one coat
  • Smooth, creamy consistency
  • Rich, true colors
  • Color consistency bottle to bottle
  • Highest quality control
  • Non-toxic
  • Blends easily
  • Consistent viscosity
  • Durable finish
  • Intermixable
  • Best lightfast pigments
  • Soap and water clean-up while wet
  • Made in the USA

Additional Decorating Ideas/Applications:
  • Sponge painting
  • Faux finishing
  • Craft and decorative painting
  • Create a wash: Thin with Brush 'n Blend Extender for making paint transparent, floating or shading color.
  • Create a glaze: Mix with Faux Glazing Medium for home decor faux finishing techniques like marbleizing and sponging.
  • Create a fabric paint: Mix with Fabric Medium to create a washable paint for decorating fabrics. Let dry 24 to 48 hours. Heat set.
  • Create crackle finishes: Use with Weathered Wood Crackling Medium. Basecoat with Americana, apply Weathered Wood, and then paint a contrasting color of Americana over the Weathered Wood.
  • For canvas painting: Add Control Medium to extend blending time and improve brushability.
  • For air brushing: Thin with 30 percent water or Brush 'n Blend Extender for ease in air-brushing.
  • For watercolor: Add Brush 'n Blend Extender or water for transparent watercolor effects.
  • For stenciling: Americana can be used as is. Apply with a stencil brush or other preferred stenciling techniques.

Helpful Hints:
  • Shake well
  • Apply one well-brushed coat using a large, soft brush for larger areas and a smaller soft brush for small areas and design work.
  • Paint can also be applied with a synthetic or sponge brush
  • With some transparent colors, additional coats may be required.
  • Allow to dry thoroughly before applying additional coats or varnish.
  • For candle painting, mix equal parts Americana with Paint Adhesion Medium.
  • For textural painting, tint Decorating Paste with Americana.
  • Add Brush 'n Blend Extender to slow drying time.



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