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3 Hearts and Star RM 51618
RM51618 3 Hearts and Star
5 Assorted Leaves RM 51657
RM51657 5 Assorted Leaves
Abstract Shapes Earrings RM 51617
RM 51617 Abstract Shapes Earrings
Bangle Resin Mould PM 51389- Bangle Internal Diameter 6.7cm Shiny Surface
Small Plastic Resin Jewellery Mould
Butterfly and Flowers RM 51470
RM51470 Boher Fly and Flowers Width 30mm
Large and Small Oval Earrings - Shiny Surface
RM51383 Large and Small Oval Earrings
Rectangular Earring or Pendant Mould RM 51387 2 x Small and 1 x large Rectangle
RM51387 Rectangular Earrings - Shiny Surface
Resin Teardrop Jewellery Mould-  One Large and Two Small Teardrops RM51385 Shiny Surface
RM51385 One Large and Two Small Teardrops 1 x large Length 2.5cm x Width 1cm 2...
Scroll Hearts 4 Earrings RM 51610
RM51610 Scroll Hearts 4 Earrings
Small Abstract Shapes RM 51611
RM51611 Small Abstract Shapes
Three Cabachons RM 51388 width 2 x 15mm 1 x 20mm Shiny Surface
Cabachons Three on Card Jewellery Mould RM51388
Three Petal - Floral Shapes Mould  3 Petal Shapes RM 51469
RM51469 Floral Shapes 3
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