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Resin Jewellery accessories

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Basic Resin Polishing Kit
Deluxe Resin Polishing Kit
Doming Tray for Resin or Beading
Doming Tray made from Silicone Decoden Working Surface.
Hexagonal Platter Mould
The Hexagonal Platter is a premade silicone mould
Holographic Round Confetti
Holographic Glitter a combination of 1 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm combined in jar.12 colour...
Polishing Belt Kit
For finishing small intricate parts
Silicone Bangle  Mould Making Kit
easy and reusable Frame Kit for Bangle Making
Silicone Flexible Measure Cup 250ml
Silicone Flexible Measure Cup 500ml
Silicone Mould Adjustable Frame (80 mm high x 300 mm long)
Reusable Aluminum Adjustable Frame
Vacuum Pump
6 Litre Tank Size with a 2.5 cfm pump unit.
Word Charms - metal embellishments
Decorative metal embellishments for resin casting and embedding
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