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ComposiMold is a new reusable rubbery eco friendly polymer that may be melted in a microwave or double boiler and simply poured over the original to make a mould. Not only is it easy to use but more importantly it is reusable, thus making it ideal for beginners, in that you simply remelt and reuse up to 35 times if you make a mistake or no longer wish to make future castings in that mould. The more you use ComposiMold the more you save. No more mixing or weighing of mould making materials. 

How to use ComposiMold:

(1) Melt the ComposiMold in your kitchen microwave or in a double boiler
(2) Make the mould by pouring the melted ComposiMold over your original or master part to make
your mould
(3) When you have finished making casts with this mould simply remelt and use again to make a new
mould and continue casting parts.

What can I cast into a mould made with ComposiMold?

Your choice is virtually limitless, but to mention a few materials, plaster, epoxy and polyurethane
resins, polymer clay, pottery clay, metal clay, concrete, chocolate, ice and cooking fondants. Yes, a
food grade of ComposiMold is available.

What type of products can I make with ComposiMold.?

* Garden sculptures

* Jewellery creations

*Chocolate shapes

* Push Moulds

* Plaster castings

* 3-D shapes and designs

* Organic objects

* Candles

* Soaps

* Plastic resins


* Fishing Lures


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