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Latex Mould Making Kit
Mould making kit for flat backed plaques


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The Aldax Kit “How to Make a Latex Mould of a Plaque” is an introductory instructional kit to aid in the art of making latex rubber moulds for plaster casting.It presents information necessary for beginners to construct their own plaque moulds, and also some valuable information for the more experienced casters who have already begun.
Included are samples of all materials used in the day to day production of latex rubber moulds. The plaster model included, is a flat backed plaque to give you experience in making the most popular type of mould.

A full set of instructions are included in the kit together with:

250ml #70 Latex
250ml Latex #72
100ml Plaster Mould Release
500gm Plastelina
1kg Casting Plaster
Latex application brush
Plaster plaque model
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