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CraftCast Resin White 1.9kg
Fast setting Polyurethane Casting Resin


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CraftCast (White) is a very quick setting polyurethane resin with remarkable properties. Suitable for models -  Hobby, Car parts, Fishing lures (Microballoons or Q-Cel may be added for extra bouyancy), Auto restoration, Model railways. Can be drilled, tapped, sanded and finished to your liking. Finished casting is white in colour. 

Shore Hardnbess 65D Hardness.
Specific Gravity 1.05
Shrinkage .004
Very Low Visicosity (very thin)
Extremely tough and high temperature resistance

Liquid to solid in just 3 minutes!
The work time is 2 minutes and can be demoulded in 15 minutes – great for fast turnaround of parts.
Sets White but can be coloured with BJB Opaque Pigments and Alumilite dyes as well as many other dry fillers for varying effects.
Silicone moulds are recommended which can reproduce extraordinary detail in the finished cast piece. 

Scales are recommended for accurate measur
ing and mixing of this product. We stock simple scales ideal for this purpose. Click here for more information.

Name : Jamie
Location : Mackay
Title : Craftcast Resin
Review : Great Gear , i have been looking around for a product that was quick and easy as I needed to make multiple of the same mold that had strength. This is the product , easy and quick no mucking around , combine the two liquids , stir and pour, 15 Mins latter its done.

Name : Lorna Finn
Location : Camden NSW
Title : Castin Resin
Review : I have a small business making decorative appliqués. I love using this product as it's economical and so easy to use. Fast setting and easy to demould from my silicone moulds. I would highly recommend it for any crafting or business

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