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Alumilite High Strength Silicone 2 small kit 454g
Flexible high tear resistant silicone rubber shore 20 to 25A shore


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Alumilite High Strength Silicone 2 is a high strength , tin based RTV rubber with good flexibility. Where tear strength and flexibility are important, such as with moulds with undercuts or for two piece moulds,this rubber is an ideal solution. High Strength 2 is a 20 - 25 A Shore which means it is soft enough to use for undercuts but still enough stiffness to effectively make multiple piece moulds and manitain good alignment. The High Strength 2 has a low viscioty which does not require degassing ( always recommend if available) and will pick up the exact detail of your original. Use Alumilite Rubber to Rubber mold release when making a 2 part mould.
Colour - Pink
Mixed Visciosity 18,000 cps
Temperature Range -67 to 395F
Mix Ratio 10-1 by weight
Open Time 45 minutes
Demold Time 12 to 18 hours
Full Cure 7 days
1lb = 21 cubic inches
Should be capable of pulling 40 to 60 castings if care is taken with the mould

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