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Alumilite Clear - Slow 2lb (907g)
The Perfect resin for wood turning applications - 12 minute open time, suitable for large casting rom 30 oz to 160 oz in one pour. It gives your more working time will require 1 to 1.5 hrs in your pressure pot. Resilience- Less Brittle High Polishabiliy Low Shrinkage Optical Clarity Low odour


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Alumilite Clear (Slow) was formulated with a 12min open time, making it more suitable for casting larger items up to as much as 160oz (may be less based on application). Produces a high impact, optically clear casting that can be dyed or pigmented. Turned blanks can be easily polished to a high gloss. Pressure casting is recommended to achieve 100% bubble free castings. For additional information and instructions, see technical data sheet link below.

Alumilite Clear must be mixed 1:1 by weight. Off ratio mixing may produce hazy or frosted parts.

  • High Impact
  • High Gloss
  • Optically clear Casting
  • 12 Minutes Work time
  • 1 :1 ratio by weight

TDS (Technical Data Sheet) - Click Here

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) - Click Here

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