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Craftco Acrylic Polymer Resin 7.5kg kit ( Jesmonite comparable AC100) Supplied as 5 kg powder and 2.5 kg liquid
Discover the world of acrylic resin giving shape to decorative pieces and an alternative casting material for resin lovers. Providing an organic natural ceramic appearance without the need for a kiln. Non-toxic, water-based material its versatility is unparalleled, sculptures, homeware, casting in a mould and jewellery. It’s an eco friendly alternative to resin being durable and resistant to impact. Environmentally friendly, super easy, tactile, heat resistant and touch dry in less than an hour. Suitable for interior and exterior applications.


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Craftco Acrylic Resin is a two-component material consisting of a mineral base powder and water based acrylic resin. Providing freedom to create a strong durable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, weather resistant, fire resistant, user-friendly ceramic like finish.

An extensive range of finishes is possible from adding water-based pigments / dyes, metal powders (bronze, brass, copper, aluminum, tungsten powders).  Fillers or inclusions can be porcelain powder, dry sand, mica, water based dye, resin dye (test for compatibility first) and Gold/ Silver Leaf.

Craftco Acrylic Resin can be used as a solid casting, gelcoat and lamination material allowing the designer greater freedom to produce simple to complex designs with texture.

Working time  - 20 minutes
Demould Time – 60 minutes
Environmentally friendly
Very Low heat generation (exothermic)
Shore 80D
1 part liquid to 2 part powder - mix ratio by weight
Solvent Free
Suitable for external environmental conditions when sealed
Colour without additives is a creamy opaque white
UV Stable
Very High Fire Resistance
Suitable for internal and external use
No odour
Material is environmentally safe for disposal
Can be coloured with compatible pigments and metal powders
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