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Try a new product or technique with the help of our kits for a fraction of the price of buying the required ingredients in regular packs. In addition you receive the best fully illustrated  instruction book available worldwide or one based  on methods we have developed and photographed in our factory.  That is why we call our kits a…….”Classroom in a Box”

Moulding and Casting Kits

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0_ Deluxe Jewellery Kit
A more advanced and complete resin jewellery making kit.
0_ How to Make Resin Jewellery Kit
A complete kit which provides all you need to make your own resin jewellery.
Aldax Plaster Casting Starter Kit
A great way to get started. 10 plastic plaster moulds,2kg plaster, 100ml CraftRinse...
Alumilite Super Casting Kit
Polyurethane resin casting kit
Cold Casting Bundle Kit
Everything You Need To Start Cold Casting
Latex Mould Making Kit
Mould making kit for flat backed plaques
PearL Ex 12 Colour Set 1 kit
Includes twelve 3 g jars.
PearL Ex 32 Assorted Sampler Kit
Includes thirty-two 3 g jars
PEARL EX Metallic Mica Powder Pigments - 14g/21g - ANTIQUE Colour Set of 4
PEARL EX Metallic Mica Powder Pigments - 3g - ANTIQUE Colour Set of 4
Tiny Hands Impression Kit - Life Casting a Baby's Hand
Alumilite Hard Bait Fishing Lure Kit - Deluxe kit
Hard Bait Kit - Create a master, mold it, and cast all kinds of different hard plastic...
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